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LIFELOVEHUSTLEOk, so, you’ve given your resume a facelift and you’re ready to send it off to people in your network. Basic rule #1: always send your resume as a PDF.

Here’s why:

    1. If you’ve used special design elements such as custom fonts, they likely won’t carry over in a standard Word or Pages doc. Simply put, all of your hard work to choose a design that looks polished will be for not.
    2. A PDF is a pretty universal file format–it’s independent of software, hardware or operating system–so, you don’t have to worry about whether someone can access it from their mobile or whether they have the right software on their computer. Remember, it’s important that your resume be easily viewable on mobile.
    3. It’s simply more professional


Saving to PDF

Let’s get to the details. Here’s how you save to PDF from Pages for Mac and Microsoft Word.

From Pages for Mac
Go to File in menu bar
Export To > PDF>Choose ‘Better’ or ‘Best’ Quality option

From Microsoft Word
Go to File in menu bar
Save As > PDF

Naming convention // What to Name your Doc

Lastly, when you go to save your lovely new PDF, be sure the file name contains both your first and your last name as well as the position for which you’re applying. See below.

For instance: kaylynnkelley-POTUS.pdf

Got get ‘um, girl bosses!


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