Working Momma

going back to work after maternity leave

Whether you’re counting down the days to some adult conversation and drinking coffee while it’s hot (yes that is still a thing) or you’re dreading the very moment you leave your precious little angel, going back to work after having a baby can be a painful transition. Going back, for me, has been confusing and […]

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Life Love Hustle Tech Accessories

Mighty Purse Envelope Clutch A clutch that charges your phone? Yes, please!¬†ūüôč 2 Belkin Tassel USB¬†Add this cute little tassel to your bag and always have extra storage space when you need it. 3 Well Kept Screen Wipes¬†These wipes are perfect for all of your devices and lenses. They’ll wipe away all of the yucky […]

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Preparing for maternity leave

You’re having a baaaabyyyyy (Oprah voice)! This¬†is one of the most exciting times of your life, but it can also get a bit stressful with all the things to plan, organize and worry over. Soak¬†up the love from your friends and family¬†and don’t rush into pinning perfectly designed nurseries¬†and stressing over endless lists of names…at […]

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